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Wooden Sliding Sash Windows

Wooden Sliding sash windows with spiral balances for sale

Jeld-Wen Sliding Sash Windows

The Jeld-wen Sliding sash windows are available in a variety of styles from non-bar to an all bar configuration. With the spiral balance mechansim fitted as standard with a tilt in facilty for easy in-side cleaning, the windows can be manufactured in either a primed or in a factory finish paint.

The windows come complete with Factory glazing of your choice in a 24mm thick low “e” insulating unit with a Uvalue of (1.4). The standard windows are complete with a 168mm cill with nosing options of 196mm or 225mm. The spacer bars are black warm edge spacers, white and grey are available if preferred. Trickle vents are white but if you prefer brown can be supplied.  Standard ironmongery on the sliding sash windows includes a polished chrome locking fitch with white, black, brushed chrome, gold or bronze as options.

The windows are PAS 24 tested and meet BS6375 Part 1:2004 and BS6375 Part 2:1987

SunVu Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding Sash Weights windows are the most recognisable traditional English windows – they have been a characteristic feature of UK’s architecture since the 18th century. Two vertically sliding sashes are
operated by two independent weight and cord mechanisms introduced by Robert Hooke in 1670. Our selection of best quality timber and the hand finish we add guarantees a unique and stylish look.

Sash Spiral Balance

Sliding Sash Spiral Balance windows are a modern version of windows designed back in the 17th sunvu-spiral-balance-sliding-sash-window-50-45century. Weights and cords – the original opening mechanism – have been replaced by a spring balance system manufactured by Caldwell for easier sliding. However, the traditional English look has been entirely retained. Vertical opening allows for the space around the window to be fully utilised.
The Elegance option with the springs fully concealed within the frame adds an extra piece of aesthetics to the window.

Sash Tilt & Slide

sunvu-tilt-and-slide-windowsSash Tilt & Slide windows are an advanced variant of spiral balance sash windows with the extra
feature of both sashes tilting, which makes their cleaning easier – they can be given a quick wipe
down with a cloth and be gleaming again without stepping outside.

Mock Sash

sunvu-mock-sash-and-case-inside-opening-viewSash Mock & Slide windows are a variant of spiral balance sash windows for those who would like to
retain the traditional look of English windows but do not need a complex opening mechanism and look for a more economical option. Here the bottom sash slides on springs, whilst the top sash tilts to the outside.