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JB Kind Doors – Our range of JB Kind Internal Doors includes both modern and traditional styles with a superior quality and feel.Many of the JB Kind Interior doors come in standard and made to measure sizes.

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JB Kind Internal DoorsThe range of JB Kind Interior Doors is wide and full of variety. It includes traditional as well as more contemporary styles sure to suit any home. The interior doors are available in pre-finished or unfinished. Oak veneers, solid timber doors with white primed finish, moulded panel doors. They come in a variety of modern and traditional styles. JB Kind can also offer a bespoke service. Please contact us for detailsJB Kind Interior DoorsHandling and Storage GuidelinesUpon receipt of your new interior doors from JB Kind, please ensure that you check the doors carefully. Inspect their condition and suitablity for use in the home.Once you have checked the doors are in good condition please store the doors flat. Ensure that are fully supported and off the floor with at least 3 bearers. Make sure they cover the full width of the doors equally spaced apart.In a dry well ventilated area.Where you have ordered un-finished doors, please ensure that all faces and edges are sealed before any commencement of installation is begun. We would recommend that you pay particular attention to the edges of the doors and use a quality solvent based finish that has recognised sealing properties.JB Kind Internal DoorNB Danish oil, tung oil and Linseed oil are penetrating oils and must not be used on any interior doors, they do not offer any protection or seal to the door and do not avoid any moisture getting into the door.If trimming of the JB Kind door leaf is necessary please reduce the top and bottom edges equally. And not excessivley! If the width of the door needs to be trimmed, please trim the hinge side first. And only if necessary then trim the meeting edge. Be aware that not too much trimming is advised. Not more than 5mm is probably a good guide. As a general rule you will require 3 hinges per door leaf – for internal doors 3 no. 75mm hinges are recommended. Please note that panel door mortises should not be located at any rail joints as this could significantly weaken the internal door structure.Fire Doors should only be trimmed to the recommended limits and installed with the correct fire rated ironmongery – otherwise the doors will not meet the required certification.