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How to Buy uPVC Windows Online

How to Buy uPVC Windows online

UPVC windows? So you have made it through another stormy winter and wet miserable spring. It’s time to start looking at the outside of your property. Time to get ready for next year’s onslaught by the weather. Drafty, leaky and rotten timber frame windows need replacing and you don’t know where to start?

Like most of us you will have a budget to work to and the cost of the wooden windows seem a bit costly! So why don’t you consider the uPVC window option? So how do you go about it? On the website there are various options on the styles of uPVC windows available – Casements, Tilt and Turn, Fully reversible and Sliding Sash. So what are they and what do they do?

Upvc Casement Windows

upvc casementWhat exactly is a casement window? These windows are described as an outward opening. Also a  window sash, complete with frame. So all you need to do is install this frame plus opening sash into your brickwork opening. The window is fitted directly into your brickwork opening. (your fitter will ensure the proper materials are used) Additionally all you have to do is measure your opening size in mm to ensure you purchase the correct size. It is advisable to get the builder/fitter to check before ordering.  Some tradesmen will allow for 5mm-10mm tolerance on the measurements. Hence smaller than the opening to ensure a trouble free fitting.

Using the website – Simply have a look at the styles and then follow the calculator to select your options how to buy upvc windows on the websiteon the colour, specification, glazing, cill section and handle colour – and you have your price! All our upvc windows on the site are “A Rated” as standard.


Secure By Design Windows

Secure By design” means Laminated glazing instead of toughened glass. The secure by design ironmongery that includes “Yale” shootbolt locking mechansims rather than the standard espagnolette. The standard locking system is the type where mushroom shaped “cams” slide into receptors within the frame. Ensuring a good quality seal by tightening the opening sash against the outer frame. The glazing options are more of a selection. Clear or a style for your bathroom like “Cotswold” as the obscure option.

Cill section – the cill is there for a reason! It simply helps deflect away the rain. The cill fits under the bottom frame of the window.  Hence you need to include for it when you select a cill. But the really clever thing is the website is designed to subtract from the overall height of the window to include it. The standard cill height is 30mm. So if your overall height of the opening is 1200mm, the window will be 1170mm plus the cill. The frames we use are all 70mm thick – so a 150mm x 30mm cill will give you 80mm of outer cill showing on the front edge of the window.  Examples of the window ironmongery are on the website.

uPVC Tilt and Turn WindowsUpvc Tilt and Turn main

Use the same calculator layout as in the above example to select your inward opening tilt and turn windows. The tilt mechanism in operation is shown in the image. The window opens at the top, tilts inwards to allow for ventilation without having to fully open the window. Due to the strength of the mechanisms used! And especially the hinges! These windows can be used as a novel method of introducing a new doorway. (Maximum Height 2100mm)

Fully Reversible Windows

how a reversible top hung window works

So How does a top hung reversible window work?

Due to the design of the window mechanism, the window operates with a single handle. Situated in the centre of the frame. When the handle is used to open the window, the window simply pushes outward initially. The sliding part of the operation permits the top of the window to drop down and then the swivel can take place. Simply put – when fully operated the top of the outside glazing is on the inside at the bottom. You can clean the complete outside of the window from the inside!  Again, simply choose your window design and complete the calculator for your prices.

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