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The 9 Amazing benefits of timber bi folding patio doors

9 Excellent reasons to choose wooden bi-folding doors for your home

  1. Increase the amount of natural light into your home – Installing a large amount of glass into your home will bring huge benefits to your homes interior spaces.9 fantastci reasons to install wooden bi folding doors in your home The flood of natural light coming into a previously dark living space will mean you will naturally want to spend more time there. A brighter, more airy room will benefit everyone’s health and well being.
  2. Access to your garden – You have spent years developing your garden and lovingly look after the plants, but all you can see from the window is a small portion of your efforts. Garden view from the old window                Your garden view after installing timber bifold doors Installing a timber folding sliding patio door will literally open up a different world and bring the outside in. Not only does this let you enjoy the outdoors from the inside, but also opens up a different way of you enjoying your garden, patio or lawn. It will also encourage you to spend more beneficial time out of doors!
  3. Improve your homes aspect – Looking at the back of your property, do you see a dull, drab, un-interesting brick/stone property? Installing a timber bifold door set will not only improve the buildings look, but will add value to the house suggesting a taste of luxury.Great Outdoor living with folding sliding patio doors There is no doubt that the aesthetics on the inside are improved also!  If your home is situated in pleasant surroundings with fantastic views – why not maximise your home’s value by ensuring the interior can reflect the outstanding vista of your location.
  4. Wonderfully Flexible – The added value of installing folding sliding patio doors is their flexibility in sizing. Some people think their properties are too small to have a patio door – widths start at only 1800mm up to a maximum of 4800mm. The heights are standard at 2100mm. The number of door leaves is dependent on the overall width, but in all models you can decide on how to operate the opening configurations – You only want to use one door – Ok, you want to open up all the doors -OK, Just want to have the centre of the doors open instead of all 6 – OK – You decide!
  5. Improved Security – Your old back door probably had one lock on it – but although you have more glass in your new bifolding doors you also have far more locking points – Espagnolette locking, Improved multi point locking system for patio doorslocking shoot bolts, and dead bolts are all standard ironmongery for the complete range of doors.
  6. Lower Maintenance – “But its wood I can hear you say! That needs painting!”  Now let’s compare how you treat your dining room table and mahogany/oak/teak/walnut furniture inside your home. You polish lovingly at least every week – at least wipe down to remove the accumulated dust, and you should consider your new patio doors as a bit of furniture. They need occasional wiping down to remove the excesses of the British weather with a small drop of detergent. After installation i.e: if you choose factory finished oak doors, we recommend that you re-apply a top coat of stain to continue the doors protection against the weather. There are many options of top quality stains on the market -sikkens, ronseal, sadolin and dulux to name a few – Just remember to select the correct product and don’t use creosote!
  7. Space saving – The doors when opened up completely only take up a very small space – the doors are either 44mm or 54mm thick, so a completely opened up 6 door option will only take up 270-340mm or 10-13 inches of your outside space! Some sliding folding door door configurations
  8. Availability – The vast majority of the doors come direct from stock and we can have them delivered within 72 hours across mainland Britain. The premium products such as Jeld-wen’s Canberra and Darwin ranges are all manufactured to order, and are usually delivered within 5-6 weeks from the point of order.
  9. After Care and Guarantees – The manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees are quite extensive for this type of product – e.g. Jeld-wen’s guarantees on their Canberra range are listed below:Jeld-wen warranties and guarantees on patio doorsJeld-wen do offer an excellent after care service and take their responsibilites very seriously.