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How will “Brexit” affect the Prices of wooden windows and doors?

Following the recent decison taken by the British public to leave the European Union, the door and window industry have responded to the fall in the value of Sterling by announcing price increases to take effect from the beginning of September. Due to the vast majority of raw materials being imported from various parts of the world – The Far East, Europe and the Americas, the adverse fluctuations in the value of Sterling versus other currencies, especially the Euro and the US Dollar, have led to our suppliers increasing their prices.

Wooden Window Price increases from Monday 5th September

  • Jeldwen Stormsure Casement windows                                     +9.3%
  • Jeldwen Elegance Flush Casement windows                              +9.3%
  • Jeldwen Regency Casement windows                                         +6.3%
  • Jeldwen Stormsure plus casement windows                              +6.3%
  • Jeldwen Vertical Sliding Sash windows                                       +6.3%

Wooden Patio Door Price increase from Monday 5th September

  • Jeldwen Canberra Folding sliding Patio doors                            +6.3%
  • Jeldwen Darwin Sliding Folding Patio Doors                               +6.3%
  • Jeldwen Oakfold Bifold doors                                                        +6.3%
  • Wellington white sliding folding patio doors                                +6.3%
  • Jeldwen French Doors – all types                                                 +6.3%

Wooden Interior Doors price increase from Monday 5th September

  • Jeldwen Real wood veneers, Paint grade, Foil and moulded Panel  +8.3%
  • Jeldwen Roomfold room dividers – all types                                        +6.3%
  • Jeldwen Timber Feature door ranges                                                   +6.3%

Wooden Exterior and Composite Doors price increase Monday 5th September

  • Jeldwen external Redwood, Hemlock & Boarded Doors                     +8.3%
  • Jeldwen Paint grade and Garage Doors                                                +8.3%
  • Jeldwen Oak external doors – all types                                                 +6.3%
  • Jeldwen Door Frames – all types                                                            +11.3%


If you are planning to undertake a home improvement project in the next few months, try to take advantage of our advance notice of the definite price increases that will take place in a months time. Remember that the windows will take at least 4 or 5 weeks to be delivered and that by buying early you could make a substantial saving. Where we have stock on the ground – especially the Folding Sliding Patio Doors, we have no plans to increase the current prices – until stocks need replenished. However, remaining stocks of the Jeld-wen Oakfold pre-finished folding sliding patio doors are running low. Where we have instock items that are purchased before Monday 5th September, and will be subject to an increase, we can hold the delivery until required – All you have to do is ask.