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Our quick guide to getting the correct product

Firstly measure up carefully the planned brickwork opening dimensions in mm and where possible try to Oakfold-unfinished-bifold-doors_thumbnailachieve a standard size, the standard widths are 1800mm(3 doors), 2100mm(3 doors), 2400mm(3 doors),3000mm(4 doors), 3600mm(5 doors), 4200mm(6 Doors) and 4800mm(6 doors). The standard brickwork height for all the standard doors in the market is 2100mm high. If you are replacing an exisiting door set, remember to include the existing frame work and have a close look at the finish on the inside to ensure you are taking the maximum width. Plaster on the inside may hide the extreme edges of the frame. If in doubt, compare the outside measurement to the inside and take the largest dimension. If you are planning to remove and existing window or make a new opening, you are probably best leaving the decision to your builder – but remember to keep to standard sizes to keep your costs down!

Oakfold-6-doors-almost-closed1-thumbnailNow that you have decided on your ideal size, you can consider the way the doors will operate. All the doors are designed to be opened outwards – so you can’t turn them round to open inwards! Some people think if you turn them round they will have an inward opening set – BUT – they forget that the frame and threshold are designed to keep out the water! So don’t think about turning them round or you will have problems! The doors supplied are designed to be hung in reversible configurations – 3 Doors Left or 3 doors Right. All you have to do is consider where you want the doors to end up when they are fully opened – You don’t want them banging off an outside obstruction such as the outside wall or garden tap – Yes!-we have had customers damaging their doors by forgetting about the outside. All the doors have full details on the product pages and on the website you can download full instructions.

Un-finished Oak or Pre-Finished Oak

Both types of bifolding oak doors are available in different ranges – Oakfold Doors are available un-finished or pre-finished, Canberra premium solid oak doors are available in various finishes. Oak is a traditional hardwood and each door will be unique in its’graining – so some doors will look slightly different than its neighbour¬† – showing the natural beauty of the wood and will require some attention during both intallation and regular maintenance. Quick drying woodstain for Oakfold doors

The Oakfold un-finished doors are supplied basically in their raw state Рun-finished oak and will require at least 3 coats of your chosen stain or paint Рyou need to use Hi Build stain or paint to protect the doors from the British weather. Another thing to remember is to ensure the edges, top and bottom of the doors and frames are well coated. Ongoing maintenance on the natural timber doors will be necessary Рyou will need to clean them and apply further coats of stain in a couple of years time Рlonger if you use something like Sadolin quick dry woodstain 


If you can’t be bothered with all that finishing – for a very small difference you should consider the Oakfold pre-finished Oak Bifold door that is complete with factory applied Golden Oak stain. These doors are ready to install, take only 3 days to get to you from our warehouse, and you can install them in less than a day! The doors come with Jeld-wens 2 year warranty on the stain, so to maintain their looks and protection you need to apply a fresh coat of stain within 24 months of installation. Remember to treat your doors the way you look after the furniture – regular cleaning – and you will enjoy these doors for many years to come.

Premium Solid Oak Canberra Folding Sliding Patio DoorsCanberra-Oak-6-door-open-02

Feeling Flush? Treat yourself to the solid oak Canberra Bifold doors from Jeld-wen – Hand made to order including bespoke sizes and available in various finishes with more options on the door configurations. So if you fancy a 6 door system, you can split the doors to have 3 opening to the left and 3 opening to the right. (Not available on the Oakfold). As they are manufactured to order you would expect them to take a few months, but you can have them installed in less than 6 weeks.

So if you are thinking about New Bifold doors for your home, have a look at the products we have available to order online – and we deliver throoughout the UK.